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Hi Jimbo,
Just wanted to let you know since buying your google ads course I have invested $40 into google ads and in the last two days alone I have made $775 in just two details and a few more leads. Thanks for offering insight into the whole google ads space.

Matt Burns
Restore Auto Detailing

Wow! what can I say, I did the course, reset my Google Adwords campaign to what Jimbo teaches.

I got 15 hits and 6 phone calls to quote in 4 days of running the ad, 3 new clients and 3 people just price shopping for a detail and made over $600 in sales I would not have got before. This course is for detailers, not some SEO person trying to sell to you. About2 years ago I got one those phone calls from a company claiming they could put you on the front page of google for a few hundred dollars, I tried it and after a while I had very few phone calls and just lots of hits and an empty wallet, they scammed me for all my money. THIS COURSE IS NOT LIKE THAT. If you need to get MORE CLIENTS and have a few hours to spare, do yourself a favour and purchase this course, there are no promises you put in the work and reap the rewards.

Thanks Jimbo.

Darren Windsor
A New Life Auto Detailing

I have found it to be very effective, much more then traditional paper or internet marketing ... It's something that we have seen a 50-60% increase in calls per week and we have landed several details that have more then paid for cost of the Adwords campaign by over a thousand dollars already. I have several new clients that are monthly clients that found us through our ad directly that we see every month now...! Thanks so much for the information. I have watched it once and and been running the ads for about 6wks (spent around $200)... I am about to double the marketing budget to see how that affects the calls and the opportunity to meet new people.

Adam J Miano
Diamond Detailing

hey Jimbo I want to say thank you! I took your google ad words class and I set my daily budget to $2.00. In just two days Ive made $570.00 both details were from google!!!

Paul Frasco
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  • Learn The #1 Mistake Detailers Are Making On Their Website

    We are detailers, not website designers. But, this ONE critical error on your website could be costing you thousands of dollars each year. I let you in on the #1 mistake I see 99% of detailers making on their websites that is sending qualified customers right out the door.

  • Create A Word Of Mouth Friendze & Become Your Local Authority Detailer, and Have Customers Begging To Use Your Services

    We all know word of mouth marketing is the best and most effective way to advertise. Through this proven training we take your word of mouth marketing and put it on steroids. It becomes bigger,faster and better than ever making you the go-to auto detailers in your area.

  • Flexible Budet Plan - Make As Little Or As Much As You Want

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