car washing Oct 07, 2023

#1: Don't use the wrong soap

Keeping your car sparkling doesn’t mean resorting to household products. Dish soap, in particular, is a big no-no. Why? It can deteriorate the clear coat and potentially strip away protective glazes, sealants, and ceramics. What you need is a gentle, high-foaming soap formulated specifically for cars. Here's Jimbo's favorite pH-balanced soap that not only cleans dirt and grime effectively but also infuses a radiant shine as you wash. Check out my youtube video on my favorite car wash soaps - My Favorite Soaps Of All Time

#2: Don't use household items to scrub your car

Your car is a prized possession, not kitchenware. So, toss out that abrasive dish sponge, grout sponge or old t-shirt. These can be rough on your car's exterior, leading to scratches. Instead, go for a plush microfiber mitt. It's designed to hold ample suds, ensuring a scratch-free wash experience. Here are my favorite car wash mitts. Pro tip, you can also use microfiber towels instead of wash mitts. 

#3: Don't start scrubbing without a pre-rinse

Before you dive in with your wash mitt, ensure you've given your vehicle a thorough pre-rinse. Vehicles accumulate a significant amount of dirt, grime, and debris. A pre-rinse helps to gently lift and wash away that top layer of grit, ensuring you don't unintentionally scratch your vehicle during the main wash.

#4: Don't scrub the bottom first

Washing a car is an art. And every artist has a method. Always start from the top and work your way down. This isn't just about being systematic. The bottom of your car is generally dirtier due to mud splashes and road grime. Cleaning it first and then moving upwards risks transferring that dirt. Plus, gravity ensures that as you wash, water and any dirt particles flow downwards. So, maintain a top-to-bottom strategy, and remember, straight line motions over circular ones to avoid swirl marks.

#5: Don't use bath towels, rags, t-shirts, etc. to dry your vehicle

The last step is crucial. Why risk scratching your freshly washed vehicle with cheap materials? Regular towels, rags, or t-shirts can harm the paint. Instead, invest in a quality microfiber drying towel. It's designed to be gentle on your vehicle's exterior, and its high absorbency ensures quick drying.

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