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Pure Magic Cleaner

Pure magic in a bottle! It tackles dirt that's been stuck on a surface forever, grime, water spots, mineral build up and even unclogs ceramic coatings. It works on paint, glass, trim, in a foam cannon (yes, it foams too) as a standalone cleaner or as a booster for your favorite soap. It's not just a cleaner - it's a performer; it makes magic happen right in front of your eyes.

Check it out here: Pure Magic Cleaner on Jimbo's Detailing

Hard As Shell

The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to shine and seal your car's paint, glass, trim, and rims for months. It creates a layer of protection that is simply hard as shell. It's a water-based microemulsion formula that creates relentless water beading and keeps your car looking shinier and cleaner for longer (we say 6+ months of protection), but we also use it more often because we like shiny cars. In just a few minutes, you can shine and seal your entire car! Walk away knowing your car now has a layer that is hard as shell.

Check it out here: Hard As Shell on Jimbo's Detailing

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